The ACE Trust

Welcome to the ACE Trust home pages. We hope that you will be interested to learn about the work of the Trust in various countries throughout the world. If you require any information please contact us.

Mwape and Family in Mitwaba Fire wood for cooking
Best mates

Our Mission

ACE (Active Christian Evangelism) is our response to the Biblical mandate to bring the whole Gospel to the entire world. We believe that the Gospel is good news for everyone - spiritually, emotionally and physically, because God is interested in People!


The ACE Trust was formed in 1988 and registered as an Irish Charity in 1989 (CHY9000) to help;

  • Encourage Irish Christians to share their faith, locally and overseas - particularly in the developing parts of our world
  • Help Churches respond to the call - to have the peoples of the God's world on our agenda
  • To link Christians with interests in specific countries or projects
  • To facilitate people to make short visits to see and assist in Christian missions in the developing world
  • To do this, we work through Partnership Projects - Irish based projects which are working in different places in our world, already making an impact in the Name of Jesus Christ. Our initial partners are working in China, Democratic Republic of Congo, India, Nepal, Romania and South Africa.
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